About PennReach

PennReach Inc. is a non-profit organization founded in December 13, 2011 by housing industry leaders dedicated to the social mission of affordable housing. Those leaders saw that good quality housing was the first step to self – sufficiency; but without the added support of help with employment, education, support of families, seniors and children and adults with special needs-housing would not be enough.


PennReach Inc. will help build neighborhoods by addressing the holistic needs of the individual by providing good quality affordable housing, employment opportunities, education, health services and training for all people in need-whether seniors, families facing challenges of low income and related problems or people with special needs. At PennReach Inc. we build the resources and supports to help families maintain their housing and thrive.


  • All people whether low-income, seniors, families or people with special needs have a right to a good, safe place to live that is affordable
  • All services should address the holistic needs of the individual-assistance with employment services, education, family and children’s services, health, therapeutic and social services as well as specialized services for special needs populations
  • That all people have value


  • To build community
  • To empower all people in need- whether low income, seniors, families or people with special needs to have meaningful lives.
  • To develop resources to assist individuals in need to allow them to succeed
  • To bring together valued partners to assist the people we support; providing strong “building blocks” to a stronger and healthier community.

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